Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 93: #Clausegate


There’s a big brouhaha happening in the web series community.  It’s been dubbed #Clausegate and this is what it’s about:

There are many web series festivals springing up all over the place. But in Los Angeles, there are three fairly prominent ones: LA WebFest, Indie Series Awards (or ISAs) and the Hollyweb Festival which all take place around the same time.  Many web series creators have submitted to all three and recently, LAWebFest, when it opened for 2015 submissions, imposed exclusivity requirements, which, web series creators believe are meant to keep them from submitting to Hollyweb and the ISAs.  Hmmmm.

Web series creators weren’t too happy about it and there was huge backlash online and LAWebfest responded in kind, by doubling down and actually stating that entrants must withdraw their shows from Hollyweb and the ISAs or they’re be disqualified from LAWebfest.

Yes, #Clausegate is now an official twitter hashtag and people are pissed.

For the record, here’s the response by LAWebFest, as posted on their Facebook page.

Here’s what I think:  In general, as I learned the hard way, it’s mostly a waste of money and time to submit to these types of festivals in the first place.  The people who attend are mostly other web creators so it’s great if you wanna spend airfair/hotel/rental car/etc. to network and yak with other web people but…why?  It’s not really going to get you very far.

It’s not like they’re shorts festivals or a festivals that accept shorts that will actually help your career because tons of agents, managers, press, etc. attend like Sundance, SXSW, Brooklyn Film Festival, Cannes, Austin, Atlanta Film Festival and so on.

I’m a broke artist working on my stuff. There a really has to be some type of significant incentive to help my career before I drop over $1,000 to enter and attend one of these things. But, it appears that most people who are in the web community don’t share my opinion and do think it’s worthwhile.

I’m wondering how this is all going to play out…


~ by chilltowntv on February 13, 2015.

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