Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 83: YouTube Workshops


This week’s entry is going to be short.  I’m super-busy working on scripts and prepping for some up-coming production meetings.  Plus, there are a few YouTube events I’m attending at the New York facilities.  Next week, I’ll give the full report.

Yesterday, I took part in the first of YouTube Creator Academy’s virtual Master Classes on production.  It’s a month-long, four-part series that focuses on film production and for a film newbie like me, so far, I’m loving it.

The first session was Technical Camera & Sound, which went over camera and sound basics.  While I already know everything they went over, it was a great refresher for me–especially since I’m still caught up writing new episodes and scripts and haven’t even bought a camera yet.

I think it’s great that YouTube offers all of these workshops.  If you don’t have the budget for film school and are a guerilla film type person (guilty as charged on both accounts), it’s invaluable to have pro’s guide you and to have all of this completely free of charge.

That being said, I’m close-ish to finally finishing the scripts for Season 2 of the Lele show and actually starting to think of release dates (in 2015) and am actually thinking about putting them on Vimeo as well as YouTube.  Because Vimeo is much much much smaller, the thinking is, it might be easier for people to find you.  And yes, I’m spending a huge amount of time thinking about promotion right now because…well, that’s the name of the game with web series.

Finally, if anybody out there is thinking about taking the YouTube Master Classes, you can always watch them after the fact.  Their channel has a ton of great info/education/resources.


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