Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 80: Disruption


The conception of disruption with regards to the internet is relatively new.  What it means is, something, let’s say broadcast television exists and something else, let’s say, streaming digital media, comes in and replaces it as a preferred mode of viewing.

There’s been a lot of talk about disruption lately, mainly because of the huge game-changing news that both HBO and CBS will have independent streaming models in 2015.  Meaning, if you’re a huge Game of Thrones fanatic and subscribe to HBO in a cable tv package from a provider, you no longer will need the cable tv package.  It’s a cord-cutters delight.

Michael Wolff has a different take on it.  Wolff is a long-time writer about tech and media and even had one of the first start-ups years ago and wrote about it in a pretty juicy book.  Wolff says that versus the internet disrupting TV, TV is really disrupting the internet.

I agree with him.

So where does that leave me and other indie web series creators?  Smack in the middle of a great opportunity as far as I’m concerned.  The more traditional tv/cable is invested in the internet, the more content they’ll need and as an indie creator, even if you don’t have a huge following, if you’re doing consistent quality work, people will ultimately contact you.

I’m starting to experience it in small ways–nothing big yet–but it’s incredibly encouraging, if not exhausting.  Yes, it’s crucial to have a ton of stuff out there–I’m simultaneously working on 3 new shows.  It’s nuts.   But just the kind of disruption I like.

Next week:  I got invited to a web event hosted by the WGA East and will report back.


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