Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 79 – YouTube News! I’m Excited!


Wow.  So YouTube finally is close to opening their brand new New York studios and I am officially excited.

The production facilities are supposed to be much bigger/better than the previous ones. Before, there were two small green screen studios and, truthfully, I took a few classes in those studios and they were big enough for my purposes.  In fact, I thought they were great.  I’m hearing the stages in the new place will be bigger, including three enclosed sound stages (!!) and state-of-the-art post facilities.  Just.  Wow.

Production is really expensive in NYC and to have the opportunity to not only use a professional studio for free (I’m assuming here), is incredible.   Before, the only requirement was being a YouTube partner and submitting a proposal for your project (that they have to accept). I’m hearing that you now need to have over 5,000 subscribers to participate, which is barrier for many indie creators (including me), but we’ll see how that plays out. I applied and was accepted into a few free workshops and I don’t have 5,000 subscribers (yet). I suspect the 5,000 cut-off is for some of the production stuff but, once they open, the picture will be clearer.

Like before, they’re having workshops and events.  The difference?  This time around there’s a bigger offering and there are more networking opportunities with screenings, happy hours and more.  In fact, they’re started some of the workshops/events and I’ve been way too busy to attend but I’m planning on it.  I can’t stress enough how valuable taking those free YouTube workshops have been for me. I imagine they’ll only be better.

If you’re planning on becoming a web series creator or just starting out and are in the NYC area, I strongly urge you to sign up and take advantage of these great resources.  The workshops/events alone are worth checking out. Things are changing so quickly in this world who knows how long all of this will continue to be free.


~ by chilltowntv on October 17, 2014.

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