Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 78: Juggling Less


I’m not a huge circus fan but I seem to spend a lot of time juggling.  And it’s kinda driving me nuts.

I’m simultaneously working on three projects (including a writing/developing brand new one), taking meetings, prepping to (gasp) start pitching and trying to maintain everything in, well, life.  Did I mention I’m also thinking about filming a couple of mini-shorts?

Something’s gotta give.

I recently read this interview with mega showrunner/writer/producer/owner of ABC’s Thursday lineup Shonda Rhimes.  Someone who I thought, had it down to a science.  Plus, she’s got three young kids!  So when asked about how she juggles it all, she said she doesn’t.  That she, inevitably, fails at something.  Whether it’s failing to be there for her daughter’s first swim lesson cause she’s out accepting an important award, or blowing off rewrite she’s supposed to hand in cause she’s involved in something with her kids, she, the woman who apparently HAS done it all, admitted it’s nearly impossible.

Which gave me hope.  Cause she’s a huge overachiever this aspiring overachiever really looks up to

So, I’m cutting down my load a little.  Prioritizing a few things: finishing writing the new Lele episodes (I’m actually nearly done!) and working on developing/writing the show. Once I’m done with those, I’ll start the other shows.  And I’m taking weekends off til I’m back just producing.  I’m finding that taking weekends off while writing gives my brain a chance to breathe.  Ideas seems to flow more.

We’ll see how long this lasts…


~ by chilltowntv on October 10, 2014.

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