Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 55: Cutting the Cord and Shopping

Adventures of a Web Series Newbie - Chapter 55: Cutting the Cord and Shopping

Last week, my friend Janet invited me to a networking event on the Lower East Side. Janet’s a journalist who specializes in writing about advertising (patricianly with respect to tv) and an aspiring screenwriter. She’s currently thinking of putting together her first short. She’s looking for a director/crew. I was having a little writer’s block so figured, why not.

The event was put together by an organization called Big Vision, Empty Wallet that’s pretty cool. They have a ton of resources for indie producers/filmmakers. You can subscribe and get good deals through them (on software, rental equipment, events, etc.) or just join their email list (which I did after attending the event).

I met a lot of people there who were all involved in one way or another with film projects. Some had web series. Essentially it was a big schmooze fest.

I got engaged in a conversation with a few people about the future of cable tv that was pretty interesting.

It was a discussion about the rise of Netflix/Hulu/etc., cord cutting and the impact on creators selling shows. It’s a pretty big topic. HuffPost even released this (kinda hyperbolic) article a few days ago.

A few people were saying that they felt that cable, ultimately, would die and everything would be online and that would impact creators ability to sell shows and the amount of money you get for a show.

I disagree. I think there’s no question that things will be morphing but, if anything, cable companies will just adapt and own a bigger part of the internet space and do both. Will prices ultimately have to go down for cable tv? Yes, I think. But simultaneously, they’ll probably charge more for internet access. And then there’s the whole Net Neutrality issue and how that will impact on viewing/prices.

I think this is the best time in the world to shop shows and I suspect it will continue to be that way for, at least, a number of years. You can now put web series online, or use twitter and someone might notice you. It’s democratized things a bit. And cable networks are desperate to stay relevant and be in the mix. They all have internet shows and more enhanced promos to reel people in online. That all spells opportunity from where I’m sitting.

What will be interesting to see though, is: Will agents still be relevant in a few years?


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