Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 51: Post Post Post

Adventures of a Web Series Newbie - Chapter 51: Post Post Post

Really busy week. My producing partner on the REALLY BIG PROJECT and I had our first post meeting after the Victor shoot and the footage looks great! I’ve been spending the past few days working between three programs to edit, key and start the huge job of compositing.

While I wrote/directed this segment, I’m doing something kind of unusual with it–or, at least, something I’ve never done before (not that that’s ever stopped me)–so it’s not only really really complicated, I’m, kind of, figuring it out as I go along. Something I’m used to by now.

We’re having another mid-process meeting next week (so I can get a second pair of really trained eyeballs on it) and then, hopefully, in a week or so it’ll be in the can.

It’s getting exciting/scary: we’re about a month away from actually thinking about next steps! A casualty: I’ve had to put writing the new Lele Show on hold, again, for at least a week or so till I bang this out.

Meanwhile, had a meeting with Kai Alexandre. I’ve written about Kai before. He’s a really dynamic person on the startup/MMN scene. He’s been building his own network from scratch and he always has a great perspective and great feedback. This is a guy, btw, who’s FB timeline has things status updates like, “Flying out on this private jet to a breakfast meeting in Boston but back in NYC in time for a 2pm.”

I wanted to pick his brain about promoting Season Two of the Lele Show. While I’m not writing it this week, I’m still thinking about it. A lot. And while I’m a long way off from launch, I learned the hard way last year that I need to start thinking about this stuff as soon as possible.

We met at a midtown diner for coffee and caught up. He gave me some interesting food for thought–unusual suggestions and then brought me up to date about what he’s been doing. In addition to building his MMN, he’s launching a few other things plus working with Reelio, another startup.

One of the things he’s launching has to do with networking for actors, directors, agents and producers. I’m a member of NYWIFT, had been on the programming committee (so still can pitch/produce panel ideas for them) and suggested that NYWIFT might get involved. He really liked the idea so we’re getting together soon to start tossing ideas around.

More on that next week…


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