Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 50: Take No Prisoners

Adventures of a Web Series Newbie - Chapter 50: Take No Prisoners

So, after a mini-tumultuous time (one celeb bailing, studio problems) we finally went back into the green screen studio last Tuesday and shot.

It was great.

We used Victor Cruz (not THAT Victor Cruz), who played the lead in Chilltown and is ridiculously talented–not only as an actor but a comedian. He just wrapped The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz and directed by Nick Cassavetes. I actually saw the trailer and I predict it’s gonna be a huge movie (the crowd in the theater I was in loved it). They’re in post now and I’m not sure of the release date but between that, Annie The Musical (which Victor’s also in–he even made the trailer–he plays the teacher in a blink or you’ll miss it scene; it’s also gonna be HUGE) and a brand new gangster show on FX he just booked, I’m glad we got him now!

This time around, the studio manager made sure everything was totally silent. He even stuck around to help out and do a little P.A. work (he definitely felt bad about the last time when noise forced us to reschedule). We nailed a million takes of an incredibly complicated script and Victor not only had us cracking up while in character, he kept things going in-between takes. Just a really fun and relaxed set.

I’m thrilled. Now, we’re back in post, editing his performance. Then, I have to animate a few more things and everything will be in the can! Pretty exciting.

Meanwhile, been FINALLY making some solid headway with the new Lele scripts. I’m so far behind, it’s crazy, but I’m really liking what I’m writing, which is important. Trying to crunch out a script every two days, which is ambitious cause I’m working on three additional projects simultaneously.

The goal: To finish the Lele show, a second web series, a short and two pilots by the end of the year. It’s take no prisoners time.


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