Track & Confirm is Mocking Me

Track & Confirm is Mocking Me

So, on Monday I mailed a time-sensitive letter at the Post Office (had to arrive by the 15th) and chose Priority Two Day mail. It cost $5.70 vs the 49 cents a regular stamped envelope normally is. It simply wasn’t worth it to spend $22 for Express, which has an overnight guarantee. But $22 for a letter? Really?!

I signed up for Track & Confirm, which is part of the deal. And, though it said Will Be Delivered by Wednesday Feb 12th, nothing was Tracked & Confirmed. By Wednesday, the only thing it said online was, “We’ve acknowledged that you mailed a letter and it will be delivered at some point or other. Maybe.” (Ok, I’m editorializing here mainly cause NOTHING WAS THERE.)

So late Wednesday morning I attempted to call the Post Office and it turns out nobody ever answers the phone at the main number anymore. I call my local branch. No one answers. I call a branch that’s about twenty blocks away and get someone who informs me that the only difference between Priority Mail and regular mail is the cost, there’s no guarantee of delivery on time and internally, the USPS policy on Track & Confirm is “Scan if you can.”

I didn’t know what was more shocking: That this person told me workers at the Post Office only scan in packages/letters for Track & Confirm updates if they feel like it or have the time or, that she told me this at all.

Luckily and unluckily all rolled in one I had somehow reached the Person Who Gave Zero Fux at the USPS. Or maybe everybody who works there is like that. Who knows! She’s only person who answered the phone and I’m assuming she did it by mistake.

So, by this time I’m fairly pissed. I tweet about it. Particularly the “Scan if you can.”

I don’t know if it’s coincidence, NSA-style prying or cosmic design, but I woke up this morning to alerts from the Post Office nearly every 1/2 hour telling me about the progress of my letter: It’s left NYC. It’s traveling to New Hampshire. It arrived at a main sorting station in New Hampshire. Someone there is just looking at the letter and thought they’d check in. They feel my handwriting could be better.

However it happened, now that my letter made the grade and is actually being Tracked & Confirmed, the good news is, I actually have a blow-by-blow. The bad news? It’s a blow-by-blow of why my letter has STILL not been delivered.


~ by chilltowntv on February 13, 2014.

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