Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 42: That Stonehenge Moment

Adventures of a Web Series Newbie - Chapter 42:  That Stonehenge Moment

Intense week! In a good way. Been on a roll writing Season Two of the Lele Show. Tweaking, making changes and I hope people like it. Not putting deadlines in the mix–I have too much on my plate. But, hopefully, will be done writing all the episodes in about a month or month and a half (there are 36 new eps and an ADDITIONAL 36 pieces of supplemental stuff that have to be written/shaped.)

Also working on a two brand new shows I’m really excited about. And one is live action. They’re still in the development stages so it’s quite a juggling act: finding the time each day to work on The Lele Show, each of the two new shows, production on the TOP SECRET PROJECT and the few freelance gigs I have (just got a call for a very very cool one but it’s too soon to talk fully about it.)

Speaking of production on the TOP SECRET PROJECT: gearing up for two shoots. And one is this Sunday. So busy tweaking the script, speaking with my producing partner and finalizing tech stuff and speaking with the guy who’s doing Camera 2.

In the midst of everything, I realized we needed a slate. The last shoot we did, we just used paper to differentiate takes (yes, this is straight-up guerilla filmmaking). And party cause it was late at night and party cause I was in a rush, I found one online for only $8 so bought it instantly. It arrived yesterday. In a moment straight out of This is Spinal Tap’s Stonehenge scene, I opened the package and…it’s only 3 by 5 inches (hence the $8 pricetag). It’s perfectly sized if you’re working on a shoot featuring cockroaches. We’re just gonna roll with it but there’s definitely gonna be a lot of squinting going on in post.  As my extremely accommodating producing partner said, “That’s why they make zoom.”

And finally, went to a really cool event last night: the Skillshare Social. It was a indie filmmaker mixer sponsored by Downtown Community TV, the place where I’ll be taking camera classes. The Social had people from Tribeca Film, Women Make Movies, Rooftop Films, Maysles Doc Center and more. It was a great opportunity to meet staff and a lot of cool people.


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