Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 14: The Aftermath

Adventures of a Web Series Newbie - Chapter 13: The Aftermath

First, the HNS Magazine article is now live!! It’s so exciting! They gave Chilltown and Lele’s Ratchet Advice Show four pages, as well as the cover! I’ve definitely gotten a few new subscribers from it and am hoping I get more. Here’s the link to the tear sheets.

Speaking of which, I just released a new Lele episode!! You can watch it here. Getting great feedback on it.

Also, was approached by a major film festival who said they were interested in having Chilltown screen next year. Will post details closer to the date–which is a long way off. But very exciting that people are starting to notice.

Attended part two of the Youtube workshop I was at last week. It was incredible. A lot of cool people and learned quite a bit about lighting, green screen and more techie stuff. And scheduling. One of the big changes is, versus letting YouTube producers just use the space for their projects, you now have to submit a proposal to them with goals. It’s making me really up my game and change/tweak what I had been planning to do quite a bit. I’m doing a big relaunch sometime in the fall and this whole process is making me get very very specific about how I’m going to change things. It’s quite an education. And simultaneously exciting and scary. Things shift so quickly in this YouTube universe–not just the business models and technology, but everything. It’s a lot of work to just stay current.

One of the things I’m planning on doing is changing the name of Lele’s Ratchet Advice Show. First of all, I’m getting VERY sick of the word ratchet. Just about done with it. And also getting tired of explaining to people that the Lele character is anti-ratchet. Plus, everybody calls the show, the Lele Show. So, next episode, which will be in about three weeks (yes, I’m egregiously behind!), you’ll see an all new name and logo. I’m thinking of going with The Lele Show. It’s simple. To the point. What do you think?

Finally, Rollo called. It was depressing. He doesn’t have anything else lined up and tried, in a fairly obvious way, to get me to re-think my decision about taking a second meeting with Pete. It was a little tinged with a tiny bit of pettiness as many packing-up-your-ego-and-exiting-through-the-back-door goodbyes are: the whole, if I knew business better, I’d probably have, at least, taken the second Pete meeting.

I don’t wanna close the door entirely on Rollo. He’s smart. He’s hella interesting and complex. And he’s got a special talent for making people feel like they’re supported by wings, me included. Well, mostly. I just can’t get dragged into the probable impending Pete disaster (Chilltown tied up legally at a place that’s not really doing anything for it. Gee, why does that sound familiar? Cause that’s the whole reason I taught myself how to animate so I could, hopefully, transcend situations like that.) So the way we left it, we said we’d stay in touch. And truthfully, I’m kinda looking forward to hearing more of his stories.


~ by chilltowntv on May 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 14: The Aftermath”

  1. So this would be Chapter 13a? Wasn’t You Have to be THIS Big to Ride Chapter 13?

    Just asking before we report this.



  2. You’re right! Changed it. It’s Chapter 14. Thanks for pointing it out, Larry. 🙂

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