Interviews, radio, Ep 5, Oh My!!

Interviews, radio, Ep 5, Oh My!!

Super busy week. Working on a new Lele Episode and just finished putting a special ending on Episode 5 of Chilltown (which goes live tomorrow!!!) So excited!

Meanwhile, was interviewed by the good people at Cinema In Noir. They mentioned Issa Rae, (of Awkward Black Girl and now, ABC fame) had been on their show, so it was a bit of a heady experience! And a lot of fun chatting with them.

The next day, was on hilarious comedian Rodney Perry’s show and just had a blast! He’s really funny and we had such a good time (he used to co-host Mo’Nique’s talk show on BET.) He also asked to be involved with Chilltown (live on air, thank you) so he’s gonna be down to do the Remix (a special thing dropping this Fall; will tell you guys more about it soon.)

And then today, Qure Magazine did a feature on us!

So be sure to check here tomorrow for a link to Episode 5. I hope you guys like it! And, this Friday, the continuing saga of Adventures of a Web Series Newbie.

Finally, if you haven’t seen Episode 4 yet, just click the Rodney Perry pic. It’ll take you there…


~ by chilltowntv on March 6, 2013.

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