Adventures of a Web Series Newbie: CHAPTER 2 – Fanboys

Chapter 2 - Fanboys

When I self-published Chilltown as a comic book years ago, there always were fanboys and they always were strange. Because it was indie, not superhero fare, I typically got obsessives with bizarre tastes. And they shared every single one of them with me. Endlessly. It was like being a magnet for the lunatic fringe.

With an indie web series, it’s worse! First, lemme clarify: Primarily I have genuine fans of the show who are cool and great and I’ve actually become friends with a lot of them. They’re supportive and like-minded and respectful and just awesome, in general. And I love talking with them. They’ve made this journey a lot easier.

But that’s not what this is about. This is about the fanboys. They’re like the ones from my comic books days. On tilt.

Here’s a small list of some of things they’ve shared with me:

1) Bizarre haikus that discuss either The Hobbit or projected sneaker design trends.

2) In-depth, blow-by-blow hypotheses relating to A$ap Rocky’s sexual preferences. (Just so ya know: don’t care!)

3) Weird soft-porn’esque pix of airbrushed models (ya know, the type that inevitably clog up your tumblr stream) with strange captions like: “I bet she loves Lil Wayne, haha.”   Or, “My life is unfathomably grim. This cheers me up!”

4) Some disturbing family history moment that typically involves farm animals or the movie The Klumps. Or both!

5)They always think I’m Lele. (FYI: I’m not.)

So given all of that, ya might be wondering why I went out for coffee with one of them last week.

To be continued…


~ by chilltowntv on February 23, 2013.

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