Chilltown EP 3 dropping Wednesday!

Chilltown EP 3 dropping Wednesday!

Here’s a still from Ep 3 of Chilltown, which is dropping on Wednesday.

Factoid: If you look at the end of any Chilltown video, you’ll see something from Slang Productions, my production company. And Slang’s logo is a bit of a joke.

One of my favorite directors is Mira Nair. In her film, Salaam Bombay, at the end, it says, “No Guts, No Glory. 52 Days. 52 Locations.” The film was a guerrilla indie production and they banged it out.

Well, it took me 5 years to learn how to animate and, ultimately, animate 3 shows–140 minutes of cartoons (and counting!) So the Slang slogan is: “No Guts. No Glory. 5 Years. 1 Location.”

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